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The East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company does not itself maintain a site on the Internet. Nevertheless, the EBT's friends and admirers have made an extraordinary amount of material about the railroad available online. Here is a select list of the sites I find most useful and informative. Many contain further links to other sites covering not only the EBT but also industrial and railroad heritage throughout the Appalachians.



The East Broad Top Railroad Homepage. Chris Coleman's invaluable "unofficial EBT homepage" is the essential starting point for EBT studies online. News and notes from the line, historic locomotive and car rosters, comprehensive "virtual tours" of the full 33-mile mainline as well as the Rockhill Furnace shops, and an extremely complete bibliography and links list are only some of the highlights of this fine site.


Industrial Heritage Homepage. Vagel Keller's fine pages include a wealth of information on the East Broad Top itself; more importantly, they place the EBT in its proper historical context by providing a fascinating overview of the coal, iron and steel industries the EBT and its sister roads served so well.


Friends of the East Broad Top Home Page. The FEBT is a nonprofit educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation of the EBT railroad complex and its associated mining and industrial heritage sites. FEBT volunteers maintain a seasonal visitor center in the restored EBT Robertsdale Depot, and have rehabilitated the companion Old Robertsdale Post Office building to house FEBT's collection of EBT artifacts, memorabilia, and historical and technical archives. Visit these official pages to learn more about their work, and find out how you can become involved. Site hosted by Vagel Keller.


East Broad Top Pictorial. Bill Adams has placed hundreds of his superb photographs of the EBT into this digital archive. If you've ever wondered what sights await you at one of the EBT's famous Fall Spectaculars, you can see it all here.


Brian's Rail Photography.  Still more fine phtotographs of current-day EBT operations can be found on Brian Switzer's rail photography site.


East Broad Top RR & Coal Co. Rick Shoup began photographing the EBT during its final days as a common carrier in the early 1950s. Here you'll find an assortment of his priceless historical images of the EBT in its final working days. This guest page is hosted by Don Ross' Railspot, and also includes a selection of Don's own fine historic EBT photography.


Rockhill Trolley Museum. As if the steam trains of the EBT weren't enough, Rockhill Furnace is also home to the Rockhill Trolley Museum. This volunteer organization restores and operates vintage trolleys and interurban cars along a portion of the former East Broad Top Shade Gap branch. The trolleys board directly across the street from the EBT station; visitors can also view the restoration shops located within the EBT wye. To learn more about the museum, visit this offical homepage. 



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