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Bibliography of Print Resources


This is not intended to be a complete listing of print resources on the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company. Serious students of the railroad should hasten to Chris Coleman's fine EBT Home Page, where they will find a comprehensive EBT bibliography far more complete than anything I could muster. That said, here's a short list of the print sources I found most helpful while compiling this essay. The book titles are readily available through Internet used book search services such as



Along the East Broad Top, Donald Heimburger, ed. (Forest Park IL: Heimburger House Publishing Company, 1987). A rambling album of reminiscences, memoirs and commentary from people who knew the EBT in both the common-carrier and the preservation eras. Uneven narrative, but superb period illustrations.


"A Fragile Treasure—Pennsylvania's East Broad Top Railroad: Perfect Preservation," Karl Zimmermann, Trains Magazine (April 1993, p. 46-51). An excellent short introduction emphasizing the railroad's cultural and historical significance, its embattled current status, and prospects for preservation.


East Broad Top, R. Lee Rainey and Frank Kyper (San Marino CA: Golden West Books, 1982). The definitive EBT history, providing a comprehensive overview of the history of the railroad, its parent companies and subsidiaries during the common-carrier era and the early preservation period. The essential EBT source.


A Ramble into the Past on the East Broad Top, Frank Kyper (East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company: Rockhill Furnace PA, 1971, 79). The official souvenir guide to the railway; a condensed version of Kyper and Rainey's standard history.



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