EBT 14 Run Extra

EBT 14 Run Extra
is a charade. Engineer Scott and Conducter Hooper were real people, but I have no idea whether they were called to run extra to Mt. Union and back on the morning of October 18, 1952. If they were, I certainly wasn't there to see it, as I was not born myself until the cold February of '67. But they could have been--and if they were, I imagine their train would have looked exactly like this one.

These six images were made at the East Broad Top Railroad exactly 50 years to the day after my imaginary extra was called--on October 18, 2002. I'd like to thank Jim Gunning, the impresario who arranged this charter train and who persuaded a skeptical EBT that their Mikados could still look sharp in basic black. Jim's comrade-in-arms Dave Marquis helped scout locations and clear brush for those of us who only show up for the fun, not the work.

I'd also like to thank the real-life railroad men who made this time warp happen: Engineer Holder, Fireman Morgan, Conductor Gilliland, brakeman Brightbill, and EBT General Manager Stanley Hall. Finally, a grateful tip of the cap to the Kovalchick Family, whose public spirit has made it possible for those of us born to late to be transported 50 years through time. Thanks to all these people, the past still lives on Old Eastie.



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