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Like the Internet links, this bibliography is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Rather, it reflects the books and articles I had at hand back in the United States while I worked on this project.  Here you will find sources for most of the facts, figures, and history recounted in these pages.  Moreover, the bibliographies included with these works will point you to a wealth of other, more detailed sources on Wales and its narrow- and standard-gauge railways.
American Narrow-Gauge Railroads by George W. Hilton (Stanford, CA: Stanford Univ. Press, 1990).  Though this work centers on U.S. roads, Chapter One includes an enlightening discussion of Robert Fairlie, the Ffestiniog Railway, and their role in sparking the world narrow-gauge movement.

"Britian's Worst Railway Opening Day: Ladas and the Snowdon Mountain Railway" by Handel Kardas,  Railway World, April 1997, 66-71.  An engaging account of the SMR's origins and construction, as well as its fatal opening-day disaster.   

The Cambrian Railways by R.W. Kidnor (Oxford: The Oakwood Press, 1992).  Without doubt, the definitive history of the Cambrian Railways lines of mid-Wales, including VoR and the Cambrian Coast Line.

Cambrian Railways Album-2 by C.C. Green (London: Ian Allen, 1981).  A photo-and-text memoir of the early years of GWR stewardship over the Cambrian Railways.

Ffestiniog Railway Guide Book edited by Alan Heywood (Porthmadog: The Ffestiniog Railway Company, 1997).  The official souvenir guidebook to the FR, available at FR stations or by mail from the railway.  Includes a particularly fine annotated map of the route.

The Great Western Railway: 150 Glorious Years edited by Patrick Whitehouse and David St. John Thomas (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1985). A bravura celebration of one of England's and Wales' most glorious railways.  Chapters 19 and 20 include valuable material on the Vale of Rheidol and Welshpool and Llanfair.

The Great Western Railway in Wales: The Work of The Official Photographer by Gwyn Briwnant Jones and David Jenkins (Cardiff: National Museums & Galleries of Wales, 1995).  A beautiful photographic album, concentrated on South Wales but including some material on the VoR and other former Cambrian Railways lines.

Modern Wales: A Concise History by Gareth Elwyn Jones (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994).  A useful primer on the industrial revolution and its tremendous impact on Welsh life: valuable for understanding the economic and social context in which the Welsh narrow-gauge lines developed and to which they contributed.

"On The Rack, Part I," by Peter Semmens, The Railway Magazine, May 1998, 30-33.  A fascinating introduction to the inner workings of a rack railway, with special attention to the SMR.

Railways Galore compiled by Juilan Holland, edited by Christopher Awdry (London: Boxtree Ltd., 1996). A colorful and attractive guide to preserved railways, railway museums, and heritage sites throughout the British Isles and Ireland.   Compiled by Holland with an excellent introduction by Awdry.

Rheidol Journey by C.C. Green (Aberystwyth: Cambrian Printers, 1993).  The official guidebook of the VoR, by a noted railway author and Cambrian Lines expert.   Intended as a lineside guide for the tourist rider, the booklet is a generous with information about the route and right of way but scarce with technical details about the engines and stock.

Talyllyn Handbook compiled by H.E. Milburn and T.R.P.S. (Twywn: The Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society, 1997).  The official guidebook to the Talyllyn Railway, and a model of of its kind: chock full of historical narratives, lineside descriptions, track profiles, and technical detials of equipment and rolling stock.  A wonderful companion for the casual visitor or serious enthusiast.

Wales by Peter Sager, translated from the German by David Henry Wilson (London: Pallas Athene, 1996).  A beautiful and moving account by noted German travel writer Peter Sager of his sojourns in Wales.  Replete with interest, insight, and social and historical detail.


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